2020 Christmas Sale

With Covid-19 restrictions it’s not possible for St George Potters to have their annual Christmas exhibition in the studio. This year there will be a sale by members in the garden of the studio.

Brushwork Workshop

Peter demonstrating brushwork decoration

17th August 2018 I facilitated a short demonstration and workshop on brushwork decoration on pottery at the St George Potters Association members meeting.

Below is a link to download the notes from the workshop.  The notes include recipes for slips and pigments as well as samples of brushwork designs.

Moore 2018 Brushwork Decoration Notes

Explaining pigments used for decoration.

Using Chinese calligraphy brushes.

2016 Christmas Exhibition Award

In December 2016 Peter entered some pots in the St George Potters Association annual Christmas Exhibition.  He received the Judges award for a set of 3 vases with green slip and iron oxide designs.  The photo shows Peter receiving his award from the Judge Marion Howell.

Peter receives his award from Marion Howell

Set of 3 vases with green slip and iron oxide designs. Clear glaze. Cone 6 Oxidation. 2016

13 May 2016 New Cone 6 Glazes

Below are some photos of new cone 6 glazes I am trying out.

Cream breaking rust
Mugs with Cream Breaking Rust glaze

Blue and brown brush blossom design
Cylinder with blue and brown blossom design and clear glaze

Aramont blue glaze
Aramont Blue glaze on red clay body

Chun Sea Foam glaze
Chun Sea Foam glaze on white and red clay body

Oxblood glaze
Oxblood glaze on white and red clay body